Effective Report Writing for Impact

report writing for impactful communication

There is no one way to write a good report. However, there are a lot of ways to make your reports more readable and enjoyable, as well as more likely to have people read them until the end.

Write a title that is simple and concise, and describes the topic of your report. Avoid using words that are too technical for your target audience. For academic reports, ensure that you read the most important literature on your subject prior to creating your own report to ensure you are presenting factual data accurately. This will boost the credibility of your report, as well as lower the possibility that your research is influenced by bias.

Utilize real-world examples, anecdotes and storytelling to make your report more real. This will make your report more engaging and interesting for your audience. It can also make a huge difference in the way that the reader understands the report. Avoid passive language as much as you can. Instead of ‘a decision has been made to», write «we’ve decided to’.

After you’ve finished your report, it’s worth editing it at the phrase or sentence level with a program such as Wordtune which can identify grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes as well as suggest changes to your vocabulary and sentence structure to improve clarity and impact. Ask a colleague to proofread and provide additional information prior to publishing the report. This will ensure that the report is as precise and impartial as is possible, and that it adheres to the style guidelines in place for your work institution or academic institution.

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