What is Avast Web Shield?

Web shield is a vital component of the antivirus program that scans the data that is transferred when you browse the internet. This protects your computer from malware. Web shield also blocks websites and prevents hackers from using your device as a host device to hack into other computers. It can block unwanted software and notify the community about it.

The avast web shield uses advanced technology to block and detect the most recent threats. It scans files and applications in real-time as they are downloaded or opened. It see this can also detect ransomware which locks selected files on your device and demands payment in order to unlock them. It is also able to detect trojans that pretend to be legitimate software but install malware onto your system.

Avast is a multi-platform security solution that offers protection against malware, viruses as well as spyware, adware scam attacks, ransomware trojans, as well as other cyber-attacks. It is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The company provides a free version for each platform as well as a paid version with more features.

Avast alerts you immediately when it detects a threat and alerts the community of Avast users. If a malicious application is downloaded and then runs on your device, it can harm the operating system, corrupt files, or steal your personal information. You can add a website or application that Avast blocked to your list of exceptions if you want to use it. You can also disable Web Shield or File Shield to allow secure apps and websites to run on your device.

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