How to Create a Great Presentation for the Board Meeting

A well-crafted presentation for the board meeting is an essential method of fostering a constructive conversation and gaining support for your company’s initiatives and financial requirements. It’s also among the best ways to showcase your leadership skills and expertise front of the board.

It is important to consider the objectives of your presentation and then be clear about what you hope to accomplish with it. You should make your board members feel that they received a lot of benefit from your presentation. It could be a discussion on the challenges and achievements from the last quarter or a summary of your plans for the coming quarter. It could also mean thinking about the current obstacles to achieving our big, hairy, audacious goal.

It is important to know what you expect from the board as well as knowing what your presentation will accomplish. Boards tend to be concerned about various things like risk, long-term value, and how your plans are in line with the overall strategic direction of the business. If you can address their concerns before you begin your presentation and give them an understanding of the issues they face they’ll be more likely to back you and your plans.

Practice your presentation numerous times before presenting it to the board. This will make you more confident and prevent you from saying ‘um’ or fumbling over your words. You can also solicit feedback from your peers after you’ve given your presentation.

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