How to Choose an Effective Online Meeting Platform

A good online meeting platform is crucial to effective team collaboration and remote communication. The best option will bring people together for engaging meetings that are efficient and informative. It can also assist in crushing goals. There are a variety of options for online meeting tools for 1:1 meetings or all-hands events.

Compatibility with current technology, meeting analytics, group size and a clean and intuitive user interface are some of the most important factors to take into consideration. Make sure that the online meeting software you select can work with your preferred audio and video call protocols. Make sure you select a cloud-based solution with solid hosting and storage. Make sure you look for a digital board or mind mapping tool, as well as Kanban boards. Also, be sure to verify that the software has the ability to upload and download files as well as a chat function and a Kanban board.

The best online meeting software will allow you to add an administrator to the session in order to monitor the sessions. This keeps the meeting on track and prevents any tangents. Furthermore, a reliable online meeting tool can allow you to exclude participants from the session to avoid interruptions and ensure that the meeting is on schedule.

Mentimeter allows you to enhance your presentations by adding interactive elements and polling. It’s user-friendly, works well with video conferencing tools and has a free plan that allows 50 attendees per month.

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