Avast VPN Review

Avast VPN offers a decent mobile experience, but it’s basic when compared to other top providers. Its iOS app requires an account, which can be purchased from Apple’s App Store. There is a free version of the PC and Mac client that does not require payment information. If you decide to buy the software it comes with a 30 day refund guarantee.

The apps are simple to use and sleek. All it takes to connect to a server is just one click, and changing location is as easy as selecting the country from the home screen. The apps are straightforward and offer a limited number of options for advanced settings. However, novice users will appreciate the simplicity. It’s a good thing that they are nearly identical across all devices.

In the last few months, Avast has been improving its VPN offerings. The applications have been made more user-friendly. Avast has also added a 24/7 customer service system and simplified its three-tiered pricing structure. It also made important technological improvements, including adding its Mimic protocol, and introducing faster connection times.

Avast SecureLine is a solid, affordable option for those who need an efficient VPN service for daily use. A kill switch will stop data transmission in the event that the connection is lost. Additionally, it supports a variety of protocols that include OpenVPN over TCP and UDP ports, IKEv2 over IPsec on MacOS as well as IPSec over SSL/TLS on Android. It is a 256-bit AES encrypted connection that can be used with up to 10 devices at one time.


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