How to Securely Share Files Between Companies

Invoices Plans, agreements pictures, videos, datasheets, designs and more – every business has tons of files that need to be shared. However, sharing files isn’t with no challenges. Large file sizes, incompatible formats, slow upload and download speeds as well as timed transfer links and security threats are common obstacles when it comes to sending files.

It is essential to safeguard sensitive information when working with vendors, clients or other third-party. Recent data breaches have made it more urgent for businesses to reconsider their relationships with external entities. With the rise of hacks and data leaks it’s essential to look into the security of a particular file-sharing tool or service before implementing it for your staff.

The right file-sharing program will allow you to send and receive files, whether you’re sending them to a client or a third-party vendor. Here are some ways you can securely send files and receive feedback all in one place.


FileCloud is an enterprise-grade, robust solution for collaboration and sharing of files. It’s easy to customize FileCloud with your company logo colors, colors, and more to create an enterprise branded file-sharing portal. This helps to build brand recognition and makes it more convenient for your staff to use. You can also build an admin dashboard, user-portals and personalised messages to suit your company’s requirements. You can read more about how FileCloud can help improve your workflow.

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